Integral DR: Working Together in Ukraine

Allan Bussard is the Director of the Integra Foundation based in Slovakia. Here he shares with us what Integra is doing to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, as well as what being an Integral Member means for him … What Integra is doing to respond to the Ukraine crisis?We are active in refugee […]

Introducing Integral’s New Marketing Group Chair

Introducing Sue O’Connor, Head of Branding and Communications at Medair, who is the new Integral Marketing Group (IMG) Chair. The IMG is made up of the Directors of Fundraising /Marketing / Communications from our 21 Members. The IMG share learning and best practice, as well oversee the communication aspect of our joint work in disasters […]

Introducing the New Chair of the Integral Board

Introducing Martha Newsome, President and CEO of Medical Teams International, who is the new Integral Board Chair. The Integral Board is made up of the Presidents and CEOs our 21 Members, and they oversee all of Integral’s work. What is your name and bob title? Martha Newsome, President and CEO of Medical Teams International. How long […]

Introducing Integral’s New Programme Group Chair

Introducing Peter Macharia, Senior Director of Operations World Concern, who is the new Integral Programme Group (IPG) Chair. The IPG is made up of the International Directors of Programming from our 21 Members, and are responsible for overseeing our joint work in disasters … What is your name and job title?My name is Peter Macharia, […]

The Value of Integral Collaboration

As the Integral Annual Report for 2020 is published, Ian McInnes, Chair of the Integral Board, shares his reflections about the global challenges of the past year and how valuable Integral collaboration has been … 2020 has been a year like no other, how has collaboration through Integral made a difference to your work this […]

Listening to Partners in Ethiopia

The second Integral Partner Listening Forum has taken place in Ethiopia. Here we interview participant Daniel Reta, and explain more about Integral’s approach to localisation … We are currently holding listening forums with partner organisations in five countries. We want our partners’ understanding and perspectives to help us to develop our approach to localisation. We […]

Integral Partner Listening Forums

A selction of participants from the Integral Partner Listening Forum in Nepal

Integral has just hosted the first of their Partner Listening Forums in Nepal. The overall aim of this initiative is to hear from local organisations working with Integral Members about their perspectives on locally-led humanitarian action. This is with a view to developing a common Integral approach to localisation. Future Forums will take place in […]

Integral Members Working Together in Bangladesh

Integral Members Working Together in Bangladesh

In September 2017 Integral Alliance launched a joint Disaster Response for the Rakhine State Displacement. Sixteen Integral Members have opted into the response and are working together to assist refugees crossing the border into Bangladesh from Myanmar. Since August 2017, 671,000 new arrivals have been registered, making this the fastest growing refugee crisis in the […]

Integral Anti-Trafficking Collaboration

Integral Member Tearfund New Zealand has recently completed a mapping exercise for the newly formed Integral Alliance Anti-Trafficking and Exploitation Collaboration (IAATEC). Here Phil Newman, International Programmes Director at Tearfund New Zealand, tells us more about this innovative initiative that brings together 12 Integral Members with work in this sector… What was the original inspiration […]

Integral Coordinating in Bangladesh

Integral Coordinating in Bangladesh

In September 2017 Integral Alliance launched a Disaster Response for the mass displacement of communities from Rakhine State, in Western Myanmar, into Bangladesh. Sixteen Alliance Members are responding to this crisis, with six operational in Bangladesh. In order to assist with the in-country coordination a short-term Integral Coordinator was seconded from Mission East. Kendrah Jespersen […]

Integral Members Coordinating for the Syrian Refugee Crisis

'Urban Beirut', where Merath/LSESD are based

As Syria descended into civil war, Integral Members launched a joint Disaster Response in May 2013 to respond to the mass displacement of Syrians across the region. As insecurity and civil war have spread across the Middle East, Integral has been coordinating the work of its Members in Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Turkey and Yemen, […]

Integral Adding Value in Kenya

Integral Adding Value in Kenya

In 2012, as part of their work together in disaster preparedness, Integral Members in Kenya came together to work on a peace campaign in the run up to national elections. The Integral Programme Group developed a Shared Country Approach Strategy in late 2013 with plans to pilot this approach in 5 countries. As part of […]