Neglected Crises Campaign

Crises become neglected when we don’t hear about them on our news bulletins and donors and policy makers no longer make them a priority. These crises are often protracted with complex causes such as conflict, climate change and poor governance. Integral Members and their Partners are working with communities in many Neglected Crises.

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Please pray for Neglected Crises

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Read about how Integral Member’s have come to together to highlight Neglected Crises.

Read the story of one woman’s journey from tragedy and hardship to a place of safety.

Ten Neglected Crises where Integral Members are working
  • Afghanistan 
  • Burkina Faso 
  • DRC 
  • Ethiopia
  • Lebanon
  • Madagascar 
  • Myanmar
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Yemen
Many countries with humanitarian needs have become Neglected Crises. We want to raise the profile of these countries, we want policies to be changed in their favour, we want donors to support those in need. We want the world to take notice.
See how Members are responding in Democratic Republic of Congo

The DRC has suffered decades of recurring conflict which has resulted in 27 million people being in need of humanitarian assistance. Displacement leads to hunger as families can no longer access their lands to grow food. Disease and inadequate health services increase vulnerability. Integral Members are working with local Partners across the country to address these needs.

Hear from David Verboom, CEO of Integral Member Medair

In this video he tells us what he is seeing in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Click here to read a blog post from David about why DRC matters.

A snapshot of daily life from the DRC