South Asia Flooding – Latest News from Integral

Millions of people have been affected by torrential Monsoon rains across South Asia. This includes Rohingya refugees, living in camps in Cox’s Bazar on the Bangladesh border with Myanmar …

Photo: Medair 2019, Kutupalong Camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Large swathes of India, Bangladesh and Nepal have suffered floods and landslides, with three million people estimated to have been displaced. More than 130 lives have been lost, homes have been swept away and livelihoods devastated.

Although a full Integral Disaster Response has not yet been raised, information has been circulated amongst Members. This enables them to get a broad overview of what is happening so that appropriate coordination plans can be developed.

Currently, eight Integral Members have a presence on the ground in these three affected countries, with others highlighting the situation through their social media channels.

Jan Eyre, Integral’s Head of Disaster Management and Programmes says, “This is our first time of informing and communicating so fully with our Members at such an early stage of an unfolding situation. This will enable them to go into each crisis with as clear a view as possible of the reach and capacity already in country through partners and Members, as well as potential new capacity through possible deployment.”

Carl Adams, Director of Medair’s programme in Bangladesh, says “We are still more than two months away from the end of the monsoon season. It’s very difficult to anticipate what will happen but we always have to prepare for the worst … International attention around this crisis has waned, but people here are still very much hurting. Funding has decreased, but needs remain immense, even more so in these very challenging weather conditions.”

The Integral Pre-Alert SitRep will be updated and circulated to Members every few days or as the crisis unfolds.

See a map of the affected regions here.