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Integral Responding to the Floods in South Asia

Integral Alliance has launched a Disaster Response for the flooding in India, Nepal and Bangladesh …

Photo: Tearfund UK 2017, Distributing food in Bangladesh

Sixteen Integral Members have opted into this joint response, with a further four considering how they can be involved.

Heavy monsoon rains have caused landslides and floods across northern India, southern Nepal and Bangladesh. A third of Bangladesh is currently under water and many areas are still not accessible. This situation is expected to worsen, with more heavy rain forecasted for the region. To date over 700 people have died and 2 million are displaced. An estimated 24 million are affected. The most pressing humanitarian needs are shelter (including NFIs), food and WASH, along with search and rescue and emergency health services.

On the first Integral teleconference Members shared information, plans and resources available and needed. The Integral call has made it possible to map which Members share local partners and also link up Integral Members working in each of the three countries affected. Integral’s partner Mission Aviation Fellowship, works closely with many Integral Members and are able to offer aerial surveys and aerial photos to the Integral Membership. These will enable more accurate and targeted support for the Integral response.

After the call, it was established that Food for the Hungry will become operational for a short-term response in Bangladesh; and also that Integral Members working in Bangladesh will meet in-country to discuss coordination and response plans.  

Cressida Thompson, Tearfund UK’s Deputy Head for Asia, says, “The scale of the flooding is huge – over 24 million are affected across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Tearfund, along with many other Integral Members, have been working in these countries for several decades, and are well placed to work with our partners and local governments to help the most vulnerable. Many people have lost everything. Tearfund’s focus is currently on meeting the most immediate needs of shelter, food and safe water. The fact that we can join forces with our fellow Integral Members in these regions, undoubtedly multiplies what we are able to do as a single organisation.”

She continues, “Good coordination and the sharing of information, financial resources, people and expertise through Integral are particularly valuable to us. Through our collaboration, we are able to reach more people affected by these floods and support each other, as both Members and partners work rapidly to respond and save lives.”

In the initial stages of an Integral response calls are weekly, so that Members can provide valuable updates in the critical phase when needs are acute. Integral Members will continue to use the Integral online platform to share photos and stories, information and plans with each other.


CEDAR Fund (Hong Kong), Food for the Hungry (USA), Integra (Slovakia), Mission East (Denmark), Tear Australia, Tearfund Netherlands, Tearfund Belgium, Tearfund Ireland, Tearfund NZ, Tearfund UK,  Transform Aid (Australia), World Concern (USA), World Relief Canada, World Relief (USA) and World Renew (USA and Canada), ZOA (The Netherlands).

 Source here.  The Guardian and IFRC estimate the number affected as 24 million.