Integral Nepal Earthquake Latest

Integral has hosted six teleconferences for the Nepal Earthquake since it struck on 25th April …

Photo: Medair, Nathalie Fauveau. Distribution of shelter kits and hygiene items seven days after the earthquake.

Twenty Integral Members are participating in this joint response, either operationally, through partners or with funding support. The death toll from the earthquake now stands at 7,250, with more than 14,000 injured. Some villages are yet to be reached, and an estimated 300,000 homes need rebuilding or repair.

An Integral in-country Coordinator is working with Integral Members in Nepal, acting as a point person for Members and to support their local partner organisations. Mapping of Members work and those of national partners help to link the rapid relief efforts to the longer-term recovery work. Members are also working together to maximise their impact, and all are engaged in raising funds from private and institutional sources.

Mission East and Medair are currently working with local NGOs to distribute relief supplies. The focus of their first phase activity is Shelter, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene and Protection -1,104 kits have been distributed to date in three distributions. They have completed a further assessment, submitted joint funding proposals and been involved in vulnerable population mapping and detailed data collection. Tear Netherlands and World Relief US and World Concern are supporting the work of Mission East and Medair with funding.

Three Integral Members focus on healthcare. MAP International has released $2.4 million worth of medical supplies and 140 medical mission packs for Nepal. One Emergency Health Kit has already arrived and a further five are in transit.  Integral newest Member International Health Partners have sent two shipments of medicines, totalling 60,000 treatments, and have a further 50,000 ready to be dispatched. In total they have over £2m of essential medicines in the pipeline donated by 28 pharmaceutical companies. The World Health Organisation (WHO) will distribute these essential medical supplies.

Medical Teams International (MTI)
is one of only five US organisations approved to bring health teams into Nepal. On the ground since 27 April MTI has provided assistance and conducted rapid needs assessments in some of the country’s most remote communities. Assessments show that the primary health need is access to working health centres – there is significant damage to the majority of health facilities and a lack of medical supplies. As the response is now shifting towards the restoration of health services, MTI is continuing to assess where most value can be added, including primary health care and the reconstruction and rehabilitation of destroyed health facilities.

Jan Eyre, Integral’s DM and Programme Coordinator says, “It’s wonderful to see how Integral Members have shown such commitment to collaboration in this disaster. All contribute different strengths and specialisms and it is undoubtedly the case that we can achieve more together. We will continue to facilitate teleconferences and resource and information sharing. Our desire is to avoid duplication and reach more people with the assistance they need.”  

Cedar Fund (HK), Food for the Hungry (US), Integra Foundation (Slovakia), International Health Partners (UK), MAP International (US), Medair (Switzerland), Medical Teams International (US), Mission East (Denmark), SEL France, TEAR Australia, Tear Netherlands, Tearfund Belgium, Tearfund Switzerland, TEAR Fund New Zealand, Tearfund UK, Transform Aid International (Aus), World Concern (US), World Relief (CA), World Relief (US).