Integral Appoints a New Board Chair

Integral is pleased to announce that Allan Bussard has been unanimously appointed by the Board to be their new Chairperson, with immediate effect …

Allan Bussard (CEO of Integra)

Allan Bussard is the CEO of Integra. Integra has been a Member of Integral since 2007 and have their headquarters in Slovakia.

Allan says, “I am humbled to be called to fill the role as Chair of the Integral Alliance for the next two years; following someone as effective as Andy Ryskamp from World Renew will not be easy. What makes the work both effective and enjoyable is the very high level of commitment and professionalism of the Integral Secretariat.  I count it a privilege to be able to work more closely with them. Coming from one of Integral’s smaller Members, I am reminded of the values of our Alliance – that each Member has a voice, a unique contribution and a specific responsibility to carry out. Truly it is a 1 Corinthians 12.22 experience, that ‘those parts of the Body that seem to be weaker are indispensable.’ I hope to continue in this tradition of ‘together we are stronger’ that my predecessors as Board Chair have so ably established.”

Integral exists to promote collaborative working across its Membership, with a particular focus on working together in disasters. Current Integral Disaster Responses where Integral is involved in active coordination are: Nigeria IDP and Refugee Crisis, Cyclone Pam (Vanuatu), Nepal Earthquakes, the Middle East Crisis (Syria, Lebanon and Jordan) and South Sudan.

All Integral Members sign up to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and Sphere Standards, and Integral has developed an agreed Quality Standards Statement amongst its 22 Members.