Haiti Hurricane Matthew update

Integral Alliance launched a Disaster Response for Hurricane Matthew on 6th October 2016. Seventeen Integral Members have now opted into the response, with a further one considering how they can be involved …

Photo: ‘Ginette Voltaire’ copyright Daryl Finley / World Concern

Updated 1st January 2019: Overall it is estimated that 1.4 million people have been affected by this Category 4 Hurricane which struck the southwest coast of Haiti 0700 local time (1200 GMT) on 4 October. According to the latest figures, 1,4m people, including 894,057 children, require humanitarian aid, with 806,000 in need of urgent food assistance; 112,500 children under the age of five are at risk of severe malnutrition. [Source here].

Six of our Members have existing long term work in Haiti – Food for the Hungry (USA), Medical Teams International (USA), Tearfund (UK), World Concern (USA), World Relief (USA) and World Renew (USA and Canada).  A further ten Members – CEDAR Fund (Hong Kong),International Health Partners (UK), MAP International (USA), SEL (France), Tear (Netherlands), Tearfund (Belgium), Tearfund (Ireland), Tearfund (New Zealand), Transform Aid (Australia) and World Relief Canad work with Haitian Partners or are supporting other Integral Members.  Medair (Switzerland) deployed a multisectoral team for this disaster. Coordinated assessment teams have gathered information on the needs in nine of the most affected communities in the South West of the country. Field activities include the distribution of emergency supplies, including tents, metal roofing, food and clean water, and medical assistance. As of 5 November 2016, suspected cholera cases have risen to a staggering 5,840.

Chris Sheach, World Concern’s Disaster Response Director, says, “The fact that this is an Integral joint response means that we are able to do simultaneous assessment across all our locations in the country. We are pooling our resources in order to move faster.”

Fiona Boshoff, Director of Integral Alliance, comments: “Haiti still needs so much help. I have been impacted by reading about all the communities assessed by our joint team now only able to eat one meal a day. With media interest in Hurricane Matthew dropping and the needs still being so desperate, it is imperative that we keep this situation in our hearts and prayers. I have been very moved to see the level of coordination in this Integral joint response on the ground in Haiti, and how other Integral Members have been quick to share resources, launch campaigns and raise funds. I am also confident that through our joint action we have been more able to overcome some of the serious logistical challenges and reach more people with life-saving assistance.”    

Integral Members will continue to use the Integral online platform to share photos and stories, information and plans with each other.