Emergency Funds Released for Drought in Ethiopia

Integral uses its Disaster Monitor to share information about unfolding disaster situations. Currently, Integral Members with work in Ethiopia are monitoring the substantial needs that conflict and drought have brought to IDPs and their host communities in Southern Ethiopia …

Photo: ZOA, 2018

Integral supported ZOA’s funding application to the Dutch Relief Alliance by gathering and providing information about the work of its ten Members in Ethiopia. We are delighted to hear that the Dutch Relief Alliance have released emergency funds to ZOA for this peak event within this slow onset crisis.  ZOA have further shared a proposal with other Integral Members that seeks to complement and scale up their work with 22,000 affected people.

Hielke Zantema from ZOA says, “ I am pleased that ZOA was awarded 548K EUR for its’ emergency drought response in Southern Ethiopia. Out of the 12 submissions, we scored second best, and we are very happy and grateful for this result. The information we received from other Integral Members helped towards this outcome and is very much appreciated!”

Due to drought and large-scale displacement in the southern and south-eastern lowland areas of Ethiopia, humanitarian needs are expected to remain significant in 2018. As of September 2017, 1.3 million people, 64 per cent of whom are children, are displaced due to conflict and drought. The majority of these people will remain displaced in 2018. [Source here]