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Latest News from Integral – North East Syrian Displacement

The current military operations in northeast Syria are causing displacement, both internally in Syria and also into northern Iraq. As of the 24th October 2019 more than 10,168 Syrians have crossed into Iraq. The humanitarian operations are severely hampered by heavy shelling, disrupted supply chains, and shifts in territorial control …

Amy Van Drunen for Medair 2019: Oct 24 Border crossing

Although a full Integral Disaster Response has not yet been raised, Integral Members and their partners are on the ground and assessing needs.  Real time information is being shared across the alliance through Integral SitReps. This enables our Members to get an overview of both the needs and Members’ unfolding response, so that appropriate coordination plans can be developed.

Four Integral Members have a pre-existing country presence in Northern Iraq – Medair, Mission East, Tearfund UK and ZOA, with International Health Partners working in displacement camps with their partner assessing medical needs. Medair have started providing mobile health services at Sahela border crossing (Syria/Iraq) and are currently ramping up health activities there. Medical Teams International has sent a team of specialists to support a health response. 

Combined Integral activities include rapid needs assessments and border assessments.  Response plans under consideration include mobile health and WASH programming, as well as sending a shipment of medicines.

Jan Eyre, Integral’s Head of Disaster Management and Programmes says, “We are very pleased to be able to facilitate sharing information in this way in the early stages of an unfolding situation. We are hearing of more and more Syrians displaced each day, both internally and into Northern Iraq.  Our aim is to enable our Members to develop plans with the knowledge of each other’s existing reach, capacity and plans, so that more people can receive the assistance they urgently need.”

The Integral Pre-Alert SitRep will be updated and circulated as the crisis unfolds.

Displacement movements from Syria, as of 24th October – see map here