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Introducing Integral’s New Programme Group Chair

Introducing Peter Macharia, Senior Director of Operations World Concern, who is the new Integral Programme Group (IPG) Chair. The IPG is made up of the International Directors of Programming from our 21 Members, and are responsible for overseeing our joint work in disasters …

 Photo: © World Concern, Peter planting a tree in Narok, Kenya

What is your name and job title?
My name is Peter Macharia, Senior Director of Operations World Concern.

How long have you been in that role?
Two years.

What did you do before?
I was Senior Director of Programmes for two years and before that Africa Area Director for five years. Prior to that, I served as World Concern Country Director in a number of countries. I have also served as a Director of Disaster Response, Grants Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager and a few other positions in more than two decades of my humanitarian and development career.

You have served on the Integral Programme Group (IPG) for several years. What would you say is the main benefit to you of being part of the Integral IPG?
I have personally benefitted immensely from the IPG. The privilege of interacting with colleagues from 21 Christian INGOs and gleaning from their wisdom and experience is immeasurable. The IPG has been a place of learning, networking, and sharing ideas on how to deliver quality and timely humanitarian assistance and disaster response. We also challenge each other, pray for each other, develop partnerships, encourage adoption of best practices, and support each other to do better and achieve more.

What would you say is the main added value of your organisation being part of Integral?
Through Integral Alliance, World Concern has been able to support people impacted by disasters in countries where we don’t have our presence. Our recent responses to the impact of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic in India and Cyclone Idai in Mozambique come to mind. In addition, World Concern is very grateful that over the years it has received enormous resources from fellow Integral Members in support of its work across the globe. Our organisation has also benefitted significantly from Integral discussions on quality standards and localisation, among other topics.

What is your vision for Integral going forward?
My vision is threefold. First, the world is currently facing three major humanitarian challenges; I call them the 3 Big Cs – Covid-19, Climate Change, and Conflicts. I hope Integral Alliance and its Members will remain proactive leaders in seeking innovative solutions to the global problems to reduce human suffering. Second, I hope to see a stronger collaboration and synergy between Integral and the global church in addressing global humanitarian challenges and in advocating for justice for the populations whose voice is usually underrepresented on the global decision-making platforms. Third, I want to see a deeper collaboration of Integral Alliance Members at the country and field levels.

Tell us one thing about yourself we may not know!
If I was not doing what I do today, I would be a farmer enjoying a quiet rural life.

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