Integral Issues a Disaster Alert for Cyclone Pam

An Alert for an Integral Response was raised on 14th March 2015 for Cyclone Pam which has devastated the nation of Vanuatu …

Photo: Tear Fund New Zealand. Alice Banfield and Andrew Finlay were on the second Air Force Hercules flight carrying aid to Vanuatu. They will link in with the National Disaster Management Office in Vila.

A category 5 cyclone struck Vanuatu late on Friday 13th March, the worst ever to hit this island nation with gusts of wind up to 200 mph.  Assessment information is still being gathered and the cyclone has destroyed much of the nation’s communications infrastructure.

To date four Integral Members have opted in to the Integral Response, with more expected following the first Integral coordination teleconference to be held on 17th March.  Current activities of Integral Members include: 

  • TEAR Fund New Zealand have deployed 2 staff Members to aid coordination and support their partners, Nasi Tuan and Olu Fou (pictured right).
  • Transform Aid are linking in closely with their partner in Vanuatu, Vanuatu Churches of Christ.
  • Medical Teams International is assessing all response options including sending medical teams or assisting partners who are on the ground.
  • Cedar Fund (Hong Kong), Medical Teams International, Mission East (Denmark) and Tearfund (UK) are fundraising.
  • MAP International (US) are looking to support two partners with medical supplies.

Jan Eyre, Integral’s Disaster Management and Programme Coordinator says, “We have Integral Members well-placed in the region and who are already on the ground linking with local partners and churches. It is vital that we get as much assistance to the affected population as quickly as possible. By coordinating this response across the Integral membership, we can maximise our resources, both operationally and in fundraising, to meet the urgent need there is for shelter, medical and WASH supplies, particularly for the most vulnerable.” 

Integral has set up a dedicated website to enable Members to share information and media resources and to facilitate on-going sharing and coordination for this joint operations and communications response.