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Integral Cyclone Pam Update 2

Ten Integral Members are actively responding to Cyclone Pam which has devastated the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu.

Photo: Medair, Joel Kaiser  

Integral has now held two teleconferences to coordinate the activities of its Members who are supporting five local partners, and launching fundraising campaigns in their headquarter countries.

Latest statistics from the National Disaster Management Organisation in Vanuatu report 11 confirmed fatalities,3,300 people displacedin 37 evacuation centres. There areserious concerns about disease with water contaminated, the lack of sanitation equipment and an increasing lack of food. The authorities are still struggling to get a clear picture of the situation because of the lack of access to many of the nations’ islands. 

Integral Members have agreed to establish an Integral Hub to support the early response to Cyclone Pam.  Joel Kaiser, an emergency management specialist from Medair, will be deployed to Vanuatu today to assist in coordinating the response and help to develop an Integral strategy.  Additionally, a communications specialist from TEAR Fund New Zealand is already enroute to Vanuatu to gather photos and stories for all Integral Members to use.

Joel says: “It is great that I can be deployed as Medair’s support to the Integral Alliance and be a part of a collaborative work in response to this disaster. I am looking forward to working with local organisations and international NGOs to provide coordinated relief to vulnerable communities in order to maximize our collective impact.”

Integral Members responding are: Cedar Fund (Hong Kong), Food for the Hungry (US), MAP International (US), Medair (Switzerland), Mission East (Denmark), Tear Australia, TEAR Fund New Zealand, Tearfund (UK), Transform Aid Australia and World Renew (US).