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Integral Collaboration in Malawi

Integral launched a Disaster Response for Cyclone Idai in March 2019. Eighteen Integral Members joined this multi-country response across Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe, and have been working together in various ways to support each other’s work. Here is one example of Integral collaboration between International Health Partners in the UK, Tearfund Belgium and World Relief in Malawi …

Photo: World Relief US, 2019: Makeshift Dwellings: Many homes were destroyed in Malawi due to flooding caused by Cyclone Idai.  

The intensity of Cyclone Idai, one of the strongest storms ever to hit Africa, brought widespread devastation and flooding to the east coast of southern Africa. In Malawi, almost a million people were affected. The country’s health infrastructure was badly damaged. Hospitals were destroyed by the 120mph (193 km per hour) winds, and stocks of medicines and vaccines were lost in flash flooding. Waterborne diseases quickly spread, and untreated ill health and injury caused considerable risks to life.

International Health Partners, in collaboration with Tearfund Belgium and World Relief Malawi, responded quickly to this crisis by sending thousands of treatments in the form of Essential Health Packs. These packs are filled with a wide range of essential medicines, to support qualified medical teams in providing life-saving, critical healthcare in any disaster situation. 

Rich Insley, Fundraising and Communications Officer for International Health Partners, says,It is because of our partnership with Integral that we can respond quickly and effectively to disasters like this, by bringing together different organisations with medicines, funds and access to clinics on the ground. Thanks to the collaboration with Integral Members, we were able send 12 Essential Health Packs to Malawi to equip the health response with over 10,000 treatments of the most needed medicines to support those affected by the disaster.”

Ruth Nivelle, Head of the Programme Department at Tearfund Belgium, says, “We are pleased we were able to partner with International Health Partners and World Relief in this response. We have worked with both organisations before, and always enjoy trusting relationships. As a co-operational actor, we rely on strong partners either present in the field, or present soon after a disaster hits, so that the funds our constituency entrusts us with are used efficiently and effectively. We are very grateful for the Integral Alliance, who facilitates our cooperation and contributes to building relationships between organisations.”