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Integral Alliance Calls for More Attention on Neglected Crises

Integral is calling for collective action to address the needs of people in neglected crises – those that are protracted, complex or overlooked by the media.

Integral’s 21 Members are uniting their voices to draw attention to neglected crises across the world by publishing a new report: ‘Five Factors Driving Neglected Crises’.  The report is at the centre of an alliance-wide Neglected Crises awareness-raising campaign taking place in July 2024.

‘Five Factors Driving Neglected Crises’ draws on the collected expertise of humanitarian practitioners across the Alliance membership and highlights factors causing disasters to become neglected. It explores the multifaceted reasons behind the neglect and advocates for renewed focus on transformative action. 

Integral is calling for governments, donors, the media, NGOs and churches to take practical action to better meet the needs of people in neglected crises. This call to action emphasises that all actors have a part in play in making more resources available and strengthening locally-led action. With the number of disasters increasing, we know that the added value of working collaboratively in these resource-scarce situations is that together we can have greater reach into more crises, and greater impact by increasing access to resources. 

Dr Melba Padilla Maggay, Founder of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture, and Micah Global Ambassador writes in the Report foreword, “It is noteworthy that Integral is focusing on the need to address the prolonged crises of many fragile states. The causative factors behind these crises are complex and entangled with geopolitical alliances that make them difficult to resolve.”

She continues, “This Report is a call to pay attention to the incongruities between today’s global distribution of aid and country-specific levels of need and is a step towards redressing the imbalance.” 

Fiona Boshoff, CEO of Integral, expresses the ultimate aim of the Report: “By coming together, the Integral Alliance makes the call for the need to transform the landscape of humanitarian aid, ensuring that no crisis remains hidden and every response is imbued with hope and resilience. Together, we can shift from compassion to impactful action.”

Click here to view the Integral Neglected Crises Campaign page, where the Report is also available in Dutch, French, German and Slovak.