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Food for the Hungry

Address 1224 E. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85034-1102

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A Christian non-profit organization dedicated to ending poverty one community at a time. We respect the local culture and customs and honor the dignity of all people. FH serves without regard to race, creed or nationality serving and on the basis of need alone. Recognizing that each community faces unique challenges as well as advantages, FH is committed to an integrated, sustainable approach to community development. FH addresses the root causes of poverty through a relational model of walking with community leaders including business and governments to implement and support multi-sectoral solutions for the most vulnerable. Starting with asset-based inquiry and subsequent leadership development FH helps communities reach their full God-given potential. Our model is anchored with consistent child-focused sponsorship funding and complemented through grants to reach sustainable targets of a healthy community.


Christian Connections for International Health (CCIH)
Global Health Council
Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD)
The Partnership for Supply Chain Management
Micah Network
Global Health Missions Conference
Association of Private Voluntary Organization Finance Managers
Association of Fundraising Professionals
Direct Marketing Association

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Founded 1971
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Funding Sources

USAID, CIDA (Canada), DIFID (UK), Other non-US governmental funding foundations, United Way, Combined Federal Campaign, UN Agencies

Disaster Response
  • First Responders (24-48 hours)
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  • Rehabilitation
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